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WE have been consistently enriching our expertise since 1992
to meet the expectations of our past and present clients – YOU.

Between YOU and US are...

... the words of your universe:

Fragrances, skincare, makeup, cosmetics, spas, hotels, restaurants, gastronomy, wines, spirits, champagne, oenology, leisure, tourism, selective distribution, fashion, textiles, leather goods, accessories, jewelry, watches, watch-making, the Internet, media, legal, technical, medical, graphics, information technologies, subtitling, voice-over, corporate, human resources, training, and so many more!

The best ideas are nothing without words. We help you find the right word, the Beauty Word.

... the languages of your markets:

The official UN languages – French, British and American English, Spanish of Spain and Latin America, Russian, Arabic, Simplified and Traditional Chinese – and all the other languages of the 5 continents – German, Portuguese of Portugal and Brazil, Dutch, Flemish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Croatian, Slovenian, Slovak, Serbian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, but also Catalan, Basque, Icelandic, Czech, Thai, etc.
We will help you regardless of the desired language.

... the technologies of the world:

Mac or PC, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, but also every localization tool, digital and mobile technology (Flash, eBook, Cloud, etc.), layout and DTP vectorization tool (Publisher, InDesign, etc.), audiovisual technology (transcription, subtitling, voice-over, etc.), as well as any other current and future technology.

No matter which technology you use or need, we make sure we accompany you.


+33 (0)1 49 67 67 67


3 rue Paul Lafargue
F-92800 Puteaux


Everyone on the BEAUTY WORDS team would like to wish you Happy Holidays!

To bring 2016 to a beautiful end and start 2017 on a high note…

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Reliability – Quality
Reactivity – Creativity

for luxury and beauty professionals

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