Great things start from small beginnings – so here are a few key dates from our story, although this list is far from complete. It begins with the love for words and beauty and continues until today – which is already the future – and forever because it is the very foundation of BEAUTY WORDS: the beauty of words in the service of beauty. Any resemblance to reality is absolutely not accidental.

  • 1992

    Creation of Beauty Words, a copywriting and translation agency specializing in Luxury and Beauty

    • Originally a provider for Parfums Christian Dior, as it was founded by one of the house’s copywriters, the agency rapidly diversified its luxury and beauty client portfolio through word-of-mouth.
    • The diversification of the languages proposed, including Japanese and Russian, in addition to all standard European languages deserves to be noted, as it was particularly visionary for the time.
    • Beauty Words moved from Neuilly to Paris.
  • 2005

    Development of the agency to extend the multilingual services it offers

    • An international manager was hired to develop the translation business to offer multilingual services with the support of project managers who are all qualified translators and were hired to expand the multilingual team.
    • The agency’s communication tools were modernized with the creation of the first Beauty Words website followed by an extranet.
    • The agency diversified the types of multilingual services it proposed: audio/video transcription, interpreting, management of feedback from subsidiaries, help with DTP, prepress proofing, etc.
    • The client portfolio was once again diversified, essentially within the luxury and beauty industry and, as ever, by word-of-mouth and on reputation alone.
  • 2009

    New development of the agency to increase work capacity

    • Additional project managers, who are all qualified translators, were hired and then all trained in the agency’s excellence methods.
    • The agency’s management tools were modernized with the establishment of a project management intranet.
    • The multilingual services to and from numerous languages were deployed; the services offered became increasingly diverse, including DTP and certified translation.
    • The client portfolio became increasingly diverse to include the world of arts, hotels, gastronomy, oenology, but also IT, human resources, etc.
  • 2013

    Integration of the agency within the Tradutec group to become its division specializing in Luxury and Beauty

    • The offices were transferred to Puteaux, not far from Pont de Neuilly, the original birthplace of Beauty Words.
    • Investments were made in cutting-edge CAT tools (Trados) to fine-tune the volume analysis of the text to be translated, thus reducing the prices for our clients.
    • The iMac workstations were completely equipped with a Windows environment to meet the layout constraints of certain clients.
    • The project and accounting management software was changed.
    • The pool of sworn translators and interpreters in every language was expanded, allowing us to offer more attractive rates.
  • 2015

    New expansion phase of Beauty Words, which adopted a new look without forgetting its roots

    • The website was completely redesigned.
    • The client portfolio was diversified with a focus on communication agencies and emerging brands. The approach to each is specific and completely confidential.
    • The French/English copywriting business for the luxury and beauty industries, as well as for other industries and sectors, was redeployed.
  • 2016

    Coumarine joins Beauty Words, extending its expertise in the words of Beauty to new targets

    • Networking of the two agencies' competencies in the international language of beauty.
    • Deployment of our expertise towards new horizons, increasingly diversified in terms of targets.

which is already tomorrow...

The BEAUTY WORDS TEAM is here for YOU:

Our Beauty Words agency has always, and especially since 2005, striven to be a TEAM – people who combine their strengths and weaknesses (sometimes a source of novelty), their abilities and skills, using the technological and professional resources available – a TEAM – US – focused on its clients – YOU – and constantly striving for quality, nay, excellence.

Briefly, this is the makeup of our BEAUTY WORDS team and where it stands in relation to the Traductec group:

  • Sandrine Petit, Head of BEAUTY WORDS' Multilingual Services, supervises the team of project managers, who are all qualified translators, leads the team of French- and English-language copywriters and journalists, and coordinates our international pool of translators, proofreaders, interpreters, transcriptionists and layout designers – each and every one of whom has been rigorously recruited for their areas of expertise, experience, attention to detail and ability to adhere to deadlines.
  • BEAUTY WORDS is also the nexus of a group at your service to cover all your needs in legal translation, intellectual property, patents, certified translation and legal validation, medical, technical, IT and financial translation, or for organizing the interpreting needs of your entire company, from administrative to legal, to all your operational departments.

In the BEAUTY WORDS QUALITY CHARTER, which we invite you to read, you will learn more about US, our commitments and our processes. Come discover or rediscover the wide range of multilingual services we offer by clicking on the COMMUNICATION, COPYWRITING, TRANSLATION and OTHER SERVICES IN EVERY LANGUAGE tabs.


Either directly or in agencies, YOU work for the world of beauty, luxury, communication and creation. Since 1992, WE accompany our clients in their national and international development and, regardless of the language, in their projects – from the simplest to the most complex – thanks to an inspired editorial service and customized multilingual services.

Fragrances, skincare, makeup, fashion, leather goods, watch-making, jewelry, art, travel, leisure, media, wine, champagne, spirits, gastronomy, hotels, spas, events, selective distribution, internal and external corporate communication...
Copywriting, rewriting / adaptation, translation, editing, proofreading / name search, semantic studies / transcription, subtitling / interpreting / certified translation, legal validation / management of feedback from subsidiaries and other stakeholders / prepress proofing of PDFs / layout and DTP
Press kits, press releases, taglines, slogans, concepts, magazines, catalogs, brochures, data sheets, packaging, manual instructions, training courses, charters, mailshots, interviews, websites and any other internal and external communication media – from your press, PR, communication, digital, marketing, heritage, corporate, HR, international training, or other departments...

Entrust us with your project by requesting a free quote via our QUOTE form or by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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F-92800 Puteaux


Everyone on the BEAUTY WORDS team would like to wish you Happy Holidays!

To bring 2016 to a beautiful end and start 2017 on a high note…

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