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WE have developed a wide range of multilingual services for YOU, and you happen to have a project you would like to submit.

Two possible scenarios:

  • YOU already appreciate our team and its quality work and would like to call on US for your usual or special projects.
  • YOU would like to see for yourself after hearing a recommendation about US or reading our About YOU and US pages, for instance.


In France, our profession generally calculates adaptation and translation quotes based on the number of source or target words. Everything else (copywriting, desktop publishing, semantic studies, searching for names or slogans, etc.) depends on your brief and is decided on a case-by-case basis. While it is true that we have price lists to help us estimate costs, it all ultimately depends on your project: style and length, languages involved, large project, recurring or one-time, with or without repetitions, work required on the file format, layout or animation, multi-service project, time spent, etc.

Do you want a PRICE? It's simple: ask for a free quote.

CONFIDENTIALITY IS OF THE ESSENCE: If your quote is not followed by an order, then the related files are deleted, if you so desire. In any case, we never disclose or use the information entrusted by our clients for commercial purposes. Our Quality Charter attests to that.


In any event, don't hesitate to send us your request for a free quote via this dedicated form or by e-mail at

Entrust us with your project, specifying the ideal delivery deadline, the languages and the target audience of the document than needs to be adapted or transcribed, or your interpreting, DTP, copywriting, rewriting, or other needs. If you require any guidance, have a look at the tabs in the menu at the top which explain our services and processes in detail.

WE will reply within half an hour!

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